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Frankfurt (Shanghai) International Auto Parts Exhibition 2019

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Frankfurt (Shanghai) International Auto Parts Exhibition 2019



Exhibition basic information


Exhibition time: 2019-12-03--2019-12-06

Exhibition period: one year

Exhibition Venue: National Exhibition Center (Shanghai Hongqiao)


Exhibition range


A. Components and components: drive parts, chassis parts, body parts, standard parts, automotive interiors, alternative energy sources, charging accessories, remanufactured parts;

B. Electronics and systems: electrical appliances / circuit systems, vehicle lighting assisted driving systems / vehicle safety, comfort electronics;

C. Supplies and modification: decoration and decoration, car accessories, custom modification, interior and exterior decoration, communication and entertainment, special vehicles and equipment renovation, modified tires, rims, wheels, tire pressure monitoring systems, trailers, small multi-purpose trailers and Its accessories;

D. Repair and maintenance: equipment and tools for repair stations, body repair equipment, painting and corrosion protection, body maintenance and repair, trailer services, accident assistance, mobile repair stations, waste treatment and recycling, repair stations and distribution point equipment and management , lubricating oil and lubricants;

E.REIFEN tire zone: tires, wheel rims, tire repair, used tires, tire management systems, tire sales and storage equipment;

F. Alternative new energy and digital operation solutions: electromechanical and alternative energy propulsion systems, networked vehicle and vehicle safety, travel services, new service station technology, and cluster economic support;

G. Management and digital operation plan: repair station / car dealer / gas station design and construction, finance, franchise concept, claims management and claims control, dealer management system, repair station management, vocational training and advanced training, repair station And car dealership marketing, internet vehicle trading platform and physical car trading market, automobile trade and industry cluster promotion, mobility concept;

H. Gas station and car cleaning: car cleaning, car maintenance, vehicle refurbishment, charging facilities and gas stations

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