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Double wall copper-brazed steel tubing

The double wall copper-brazed steel tubing is called the Bundy pipe abroad. It is a high-precision pipe made of copper-plated steel strip with unique rolling and copper brazing technology. It is a steel strip coated with a layer of brazing material (generally copper) having a lower melting point than the steel strip, which is cold-formed into a double-rolled coiled tube through a forming machine, and then welded to the layers by a special heating device. Finally to be double wall copper-brazed welded pipe.



The double wall copper-brazed steel tubing has the following advantages:


(1) It has anti-vibration cracking and high-pressure resistance, and its anti-vibration fatigue performance is 2-3 times higher than that of copper or aluminum alloy tubes.

(2) It has good processing properties and can be bent into a small radius.

(3) High dimensional accuracy and good surface quality.

(4) The price is lower much.


The double wall copper-brazed steel tubing has the advantages of seamless pipe and welded pipe, which has the high strength of the seamless pipe and the high precision of the welded pipe, and at the same time compensates for their respective deficiencies to some extent.




The double wall copper-brazed steel tubing are widely used in automobile brake systems and fuel delivery pipelines, civil electrical compressors, heat exchangers, condensers and many other components, as well as air compressors and agricultural sprinkler pipes.


The double wall copper-brazed steel tubing is generally made of copper-plated steel strip as raw material, and copper acts as a welding medium to ensure that the steel pipe has strong leak-proof property. Other types of coatings can also be used for The double wall copper-brazed steel tubing , such as galvanized, galfan-plated, Zn-Al plated ,PA-plated, and future other coatings.

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